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The Give Life Foundation has been established to increase the awareness of the chronic shortage of the U.S. blood supply and encourage the donation of blood, blood products, organs and tissues.

Today, those in need of the gift of life far out number the current donations available to help them. The mission of the Give Life Foundation is to correct this imbalance and have every American who can make a useful donation of blood or organs to do so, to save the life of another.

The Give Life Foundation undertakes activities that promote and support the work of organizations already established to safely collect and distribute the donation of blood and organs, including:

The gift of life can come in various forms-blood, blood products such as platelets, solid organs such as the heart, lung, kidney, liver, and pancreas, and marrow, which is a fluid organ that can also be transplanted.

Fact: The average-aged blood donor is in their late fifties
Fact: A person requires a pint of blood every two seconds in the US
Fact: There are currently 90,250 candidates waiting for a solid organ donation in the US , yet there were only 10,603 donors in the first nine months of 2004.

The above statistics clearly support the need for organizations such as the Give Life Foundation to help promote the donation of the living gift of life from one person to another. It is the Give Life Foundation's mission to correct the statistical imbalances and have every American who can make a useful donation of blood or organs to do so.

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